I am starting to see some serious results and loving it! Rhonda has managed to keep me motivated and as time goes by she challenges me to push myself that little bit farther and make it count. She is a real godsend and she trains with so much heart. I may have been a bit shy at the start, but now it feels good to show my face and show off the progress I have made!

On top of the weight loss I am enjoying the benefits of a stronger, more flexible, fitter body. I met one of my personal mini goals of being able to wear high heels without doing myself in by the end of the day. I can break into a jog without breaking a sweat, and Rhonda has me doing exercise moves I never imagined I could be doing so soon.

I fit into the Easter goal dress my mother bought me a full month early! And I had the confidence to buy a new goal dress for the winter holidays that is 8 sizes smaller. I am so excited to be on this journey and to know that I have Rhonda there to help me back up when I fall.

About 6 weeks now I’ve been working with Rhonda & who would’ve guessed the results….I feel fantastic! Stronger, healthier, happier & even definition is beginning 2 show! Rhonda is fabulous! She pushes & challenges you 2 get the results you never knew you wanted!

Her fun, upbeat demeanor & infectious positivity makes every workout fly by & leaves you wanting 2 do it all over again! Her expertise & knowledge in all things fitness related from resistance & cardio training to nutrition & supplements will bring out the best “YOU” in you!

I have been working with Rhonda for 2 months and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Rhonda is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session.

Her easy going friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. I especially love that she joins in the workout, taking any pressure off of doing the exercises. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results.

I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I’ve got great new muscles. I have done my first 5K run with Rhonda, and I am so proud to have gotten to that point! If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Rhonda will lead you every step the way. Thank you Rhonda, you are the best

Nairi Miquel
I would like to take the opportunity to say Rhonda is an exceptional and inspirational personal trainer. She has helped me realize my true potential and shown me through hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their goals.

Every session in an amazing new learning experience filled with an easy going environment. Ever since training with Rhonda, I have never seen as many improvements in my body. She is a true professional that I would recommend to anybody that is seeking to achieve their goals.

Michael Becker, Client at World Gym, Kelowna
I’m sad to say that my year with my personal trainer Rhonda Laturnus of Results 4 Life Fitness is coming to an end. After 3 weeks of being away from the Gym, I am back and somewhat feeling the pain but thanks to Rhonda’s training I am getting back into the groove.

Rhonda taught and showed me not only what I could achieve, but to surpass all my expectations! I am stronger and more fit than I have been for years. Working along side with me, pushing, encouraging, laughing and sharing victories, she has also become someone I can call a good friend, one whom I value greatly. Thanks Rhonda!

Rhonda is the best! She truly cares about every person she trains. She is always happy and her positive energy is very motivating. She is great at modifying exercises to work around injuries, or to make the exercises do-able for any ability level.

She is professional, friendly, and approachable, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for group or individual training. She goes above and beyond to create a community with her clients by organizing teams in races, obstacles courses, fun runs, and other fitness events. There is a great feeling of support and camaraderie with Rhonda and Results 4 Life.

When I first started with Results 4 Life I was out of shape. Since then I’ve lost 10 lbs but gained a fitness family! Thanks Rhonda and Results 4 Life!

Lisa , Fitcamp client