I was fortunate to have been able to attend a Fitness Conference in Seattle a couple of weeks ago and came home with further confirmation on the effects of exercise on fat metabolism and some new knowledge regarding the physiology of fat loss.
Interval training has a very important effect on E.P.O.C. (exercise afterburn), which is the amount of fat that is burned following exercise. I also learned in much greater detail the effects of glycemic index (GI) on fat metabolism and the importance of following a low glycemic diet for optimal fat oxidation. There are Glycemic Index Charts available for your reference and I would highly recommend becoming familiar with the % rating of the foods you eat.
Results 4 Life Fitness had a blast supporting Easter Seals in the Splash of Color last weekend and our team will be participating in the Vancouver Sun Run this weekend. We have many events throughout the year and would love to have you join us. You much first set a goal to reach a goal! Team events are a great way to give and receive the support needed to achieve what you may have thought was not possible.
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